Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday was my good friend Samantha's birthday, so when getting ready to go out and celebrate, I created a completely new look than what I've normally been wearing with the Rimmel products. I went for something warmer and more glam and sparkly. First, I used the foundation primer. I don't actually wear foundation, but I've been using the primer anyway because it still makes my skin smooth and helps when I put bronzer and blush on. I also dabbed some on my lips to make a nude lip, which I really liked and whenever I've put foundation on my lips before, it gets really cakey, so this primer worked really well to my advantage! I also used the kohl pencil and Sexy Curves mascara on my eyes, along with my own liquid eyeliner. I used the Rimmel bronzer on my cheeks as well as on my eyes with another of my personal eyeshadows. It was a great party look and made me even more excited to go out and celebrate! It also seemed to tie my whole outfit together. It's great how make-up can do that. Throughout this project thus far I'm appreciating make-up more than I ever have before. I mean, I've always been into it, but I feel that I have more room for creativity with all the Rimmel products. Or even when I'm just lounging around (like right now for example) I'm wearing only a little make-up, but it really goes a long way. I've fallen in love with the bronzer more and more because it really gives my skin a healthy glow. I have a little bit on right now (as well as the Sexy Curves mascara and Royal Gloss lip gloss) and it makes me look more awake. Even when I go to my 8 AM classes, it makes me look like I've gotten a full 8 hours of sleep when in fact I unfortunately haven't... But while I'm still working on getting more sleep, I at least have some amazing Rimmel products to help me through it all!

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