Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ten Trends in Two Thousand and Ten

Rimmel has given each of us Rimmel 10 girls a mini challenge! In this challenge, we were asked to hypothesize 10 trends for 2010. I based my answers on some Spring 2010 runway show looks that I think will blossom and random trends that came to mind, because you really never know what could turn into a trend.
So here it goes:

1. Draped dresses. These have already been introduced for a little while, but I think they will become way more popular. I think they look super classy and sexy, and can work for any body type. I also think they're great for going all out with hair, make-up, accessories and shoes because in the end, they're pretty simple dresses, but structurally exciting at the same time. Also, any type of fabric can be used, which is very versatile for one's skin tone and body type.

2. Denim Overall Shorts
I don't know, I've just always thought they were really cute and I've been looking for a pair myself!

3. Tutus/ Tulle
I think tutus could definitely be a trend in the near future. They're so fun and girly, and great to match with boyish and edgier pieces.

4. Crimped hair
Yes, crimped hair, but not as intense as it was in the 80's. More like a softer brushed out crimped hair. Just crazy and wavy and fun.

5. African inspired prints
In the Spring 2010 Marc by Marc Jacobs show, he used a lot of traditional bright African feeling prints and I thought it looked great. I hope this becomes a trend, and even if it doesn't I will surely try to scope some of these out!

6. Khaki/ Neutral toned clothing
Also inspired by the runway, Chloe used a very neutral color palette with simple cut pieces, but it's extremely successful. Normally if I wear something plain I like to have at least one thing that pops, but everything goes together nicely and works really well and I'm interested to see what happens with this.

7. Native American inspired prints
Along with African inspired prints, I think Native American inspired prints will be taking over soon enough. Pendleton, an old pacific northwestern brand recently teamed up with Opening Ceremony and took the old Pendleton prints and styles and added a modern twist.

8. Peter Pan collars
These are so cute. I am also on the lookout for a shirt like this! It's very school girl uniform and I can also see this being paired with edgier items (ripped denim shorts, perhaps?)

9. Turbans
So, I'm not giving up on these guys. Ever since Prada brought turbans on the runway in 2007, I have been obsessed. I also happen to own two cashmere turbans made by my mom's friend, Armand Diradouraian who has AMAZING sample sales in New York. Anyway, turbans, I'm really into them. Turban headbands got more street cred than actual turbans did a few years ago, but I think the turban should be brought back.

10. Chinese calligraphy
This one is another stretch, but hey, as I said before, you really never know with trends. My friend recently bought a dress with a subtle chinese calligraphy pattern on it from a sample sale in Seattle and I got a shirt with the same pattern, but I unfortunately cannot show you said shirt because I left it back home in New York. But it's basically this dress, but in a tank top form and orange. And I mean, I'm not saying the pattern should be plastered all over, but I think if it's used properly, it can do some fun things!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rimmel Challenge 1 video!

Here's a video I made with live descriptions of the Rimmel make-up I use for my everyday look. Enjoy!

Note: I'm an amateur at iMovie and some of my cuts/transitions are choppy and awkward but gotta give a girl a break!