Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday was my good friend Samantha's birthday, so when getting ready to go out and celebrate, I created a completely new look than what I've normally been wearing with the Rimmel products. I went for something warmer and more glam and sparkly. First, I used the foundation primer. I don't actually wear foundation, but I've been using the primer anyway because it still makes my skin smooth and helps when I put bronzer and blush on. I also dabbed some on my lips to make a nude lip, which I really liked and whenever I've put foundation on my lips before, it gets really cakey, so this primer worked really well to my advantage! I also used the kohl pencil and Sexy Curves mascara on my eyes, along with my own liquid eyeliner. I used the Rimmel bronzer on my cheeks as well as on my eyes with another of my personal eyeshadows. It was a great party look and made me even more excited to go out and celebrate! It also seemed to tie my whole outfit together. It's great how make-up can do that. Throughout this project thus far I'm appreciating make-up more than I ever have before. I mean, I've always been into it, but I feel that I have more room for creativity with all the Rimmel products. Or even when I'm just lounging around (like right now for example) I'm wearing only a little make-up, but it really goes a long way. I've fallen in love with the bronzer more and more because it really gives my skin a healthy glow. I have a little bit on right now (as well as the Sexy Curves mascara and Royal Gloss lip gloss) and it makes me look more awake. Even when I go to my 8 AM classes, it makes me look like I've gotten a full 8 hours of sleep when in fact I unfortunately haven't... But while I'm still working on getting more sleep, I at least have some amazing Rimmel products to help me through it all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So I received my Rimmel package yesterday and seriously felt like it was Christmas all over again. I was smiling the entire time I opened each thing and today I tried a few things out! I wore the Moisture Renew lipstick in Crystal Mauve and I am absolutely in love! I can honestly say I've never worn a lipstick quite like this one. It felt like I was wearing lip balm, but with the high pigmentation lipstick always has. Normally when I wear lipstick it becomes a huge ordeal because I'm constantly worrying about reapplying and making sure I don't get that lip liner type look (you know, like when it's all rubbed off except for uneven lines around the perimeter of the lips and none of your friends tell you and you find out when you go home and look in the mirror). Anyway, that was quite the tangent. I also tried the Sexy Curves mascara which was also a miracle in a nicely packaged product. It doesn't clump at all and isn't too intense, but definitely makes a difference. I also used the foundation primer, blush in Autumn Catwalk, and the Kohl pencil, which were all equally great. I normally don't wear that much make-up during the day, but this didn't feel or even look like I was wearing more than I usually do (well, it did look like I was wearing more, but in a good, not overpowering way!) which was really nice! Nothing was cakey or thick and I felt really confident with everything I had on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Challenge Numero Uno

Greetings again!
As I explained previously, as a Rimmel 10 Girl, I will be completing challenges in order to bring the London Look to America.
My first challenge started today: NO MAKE-UP (intimidating, I know)
It's almost noon and I've already been to class and around the city with my bare face.
I will admit, I was a little scared going to my 8 AM class without any make-up on at all, but I got used to it and forgot I wasn't wearing any (well, until I saw myself through the reflection of a window...) It's a great way to start off the day and a great way to start off the Rimmel 10 Girls project because I'll soon be able to play around with Rimmel make-up and start creating new looks!

Here are a few pictures of today so far

The Deal

Greetings all!
My name is Natalie Friedman.
Nat. Natty. Natalie. I go by anything, really.
In a nutshell, I currently go to college in Seattle, WA. I am very interested in both photography and STYLE (what this blog will mostly consist of).
I'm part of a really exciting new project called Rimmel 10 Girls which involves 10 girls (as the name implies) from different parts of the country out on a mission to bring the London Look across the pond to America! We will take part in challenges given to us by Rimmel themselves and incorporate it into our everyday lives and styles. So look out for upcoming challenges!